Top Real Estate Trends Predicted for 2018 By Tim Marais


Tim Marais

A real estate trend is any pattern or change in the general direction of the real estate industry, which causes a statistically significant change during the time.

Without expansion, the year 2017 was turbulent on the real estate and political front. How often can it be said that for many people the power of market mobility is very low? Often, not really. And in line with previous year’s predictions, the following will be known as “Sydney Pix Six” So despite that turn, let’s focus on the positive development that comes in 2018.

Here are various steps of real estate market predictions for 2018 and some of the top real estate investors such as:

Blockchain and Real Estate: The technique behind blockchain, cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, light cone, and atheism. Essentially, this is a public, digital account holder or database that records all transactions without the need of central verification authority as a bank. No intermediary means legal and title related costs and does not reduce the fast disposal process.

Augmented reality and Virtual Reality: With VR, potential buyers and tenants can visit the property from anywhere in the world at any time. This means that this property inspection is open for 24/7, which allows agents and customers to save time and money while increasing efficiency and engagement.

Meanwhile, the Enhanced Reality (AR) apps superfine an image of an object in a real object, that allowing people to capture a pocket man or decorate a place using your phone or tablet. For brokers and developers, they will be able to demonstrate their ability to present the desired lifestyle and demonstrate the ability of an incomplete space by using AR to reduce time in the market.

Push Technology: Another real estate tech trend to watch this year is pushing technology. Although this technique has been around for some years, it has become increasingly popular because more and more agencies develop their Smartphone applications. Agencies can use push technology to send content alerts to the Smartphone’s lock screen and other notification areas to bring users to the app again and to generate a lead.

In addition, you can use real estate apps like Homepages to register inspection visitors with a few taps. After this, the app sends push notifications to those leads with further information. It automates part of the follow-up process and improves overall engagement experience.

Real Estate Robots: The modern consumer expects urgency. They want answers to their questions and they want them now. This is where the real estate robots like chatbots, voice bots, and virtual assistants come. Not only can they help answer consumer questions in answering consumer expectations, but they can also free their time to focus on important things.

Enhanced Mobility: This is the reason that it has become standard to keep a Smartphone app for REX and property management software systems such as Property so that agents can access their contacts, property data, and tools from anywhere at any time.

It not only saves downtime but also allows easy cooperation from the road. You can organize an open house in the morning and then drive for an inspection in the afternoon, and everything you can do to manage your possessions in the palm of your hand. Just check that how the property manager ended the month at the open house.

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